workshop paris (ensad) + marrakech (ESAV) + Łódź (ASP)
distance + videoconference


Nearly half the world had to take containment measures. This lack of liberties have changed and questioned the way we live in society, ask ourselves about our relationships to our environments, time and notions of proximity, the relationships between "virtual world" and "material world", our visions of work, its distribution ... as with many other questions.


The rise of virtual reality allows to simulate materiality through digital: initiatives now offers you to visit natural sites without leaving your room (see Google Arts & Culture), simulation video games are seeing their sales taking off (see Animal Crossing), museums undertake improvement on virtual tours (cf. Inexhibit), movie theaters are simulated by video chats (cf. Netflix Party).
Furthermore, collaborative tools have clearly demonstrated their relevance in these contained times.

We suggest that you create your own collaborative artwork, forecasting the changes brought by this containment times. Using several digital formats (3D, video, animation, image, typography, sound, capture of plastic works), a group made up with a student from each school will have to create a virtual space in a co-creation process. This "virtual artistic cocoon" should represent a space of creation, where the combination of skills, aspirations and cultural diversities have been the driving force

Beforehand, students will have the opportunity to get to know each other and form groups by introducing themselves to undergraduates from other schools: aspirations, skills and tools available will be exposed to each workshop participant, so they can think together on form their collaboration will take: web-documentary, website, application, Instagram account, etc. Finally, the students will have four days to enforce their collaboration. Daily reports will permit to follow the evolution of the groups continuously.